Sex Leppard? : All Songs Considered Sometimes, the press release says it all. So here it is:
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Sex Leppard?


Sometimes, the press release says it all. So here it is:

It's without a doubt that two of the most legendary and important bands in the history of rock music have been Def Leppard and The Sex Pistols. Combined, they have left an indelible stamp on all of the bands that have since followed in their wake. Now, Def Leppard's lead guitarist Phil Collen, Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, along with old friend Simon Laffy will finally bring their old school rock trio Man Raze to the U.S. this summer for select dates.

My questions: What's with the name? Man Raze? Did they just miss the obvious, Sex Leppard or Def Pistols? Also: Do you care? The rest of the press release can be found by clicking the continue link.

The band's debut album Surreal will be re-released on June 9 as a deluxe edition with five previously unreleased tracks. Surreal lives up to the expectation one would expect if you threw these talents into a blender.

From the punky punch to the face opener "This Is" to the dub tinged "Runnin' Me Up," from the pop fused "Every Second Of Every Day" to the angular guitar rock of "Skin Crawl," from the dirty riffage of "Turn It Up" to the mid tempo ballsy chorus of album closer "Shadowman," Man Raze is much more than a sum of its parts. Freed from the expectations of their former (or current) outfits, the band can play whatever they like. The sound is truly eclectic — a mix of the classic and contemporary influences that have shaped the individual members as musicians - From the Police and Trojan Records through to Bowie and Nirvana. All recordings are self recorded and produced.

Man Raze are:
Phil Collen (vocals/guitar) — Phil joined Def Leppard in 1982, and with band mate and best friend Steve Clark was able to create the bands highly influential and incredibly successful trademark dual guitar sound. Def Leppard have sold over 70 million albums world-wide to date. 20 years on from the release of their seminal Hysteria album, the band will be on tour in the U.S. this summer along with Poison and Cheap Trick.

Paul Cook (drums) — Founder member and mainstay with one of the most influential bands of all time — the Sex Pistols. The band's 1977 album Never Mind The Bollocks... has launched a thousand imitators and is constantly name checked by generation after generation of musicians. Paul Cook has also played with the likes of Johnny Thunders, Edwyn Collins and Greedy Bastards (alongside Phil Lynott and Scott Gorham) and is currently back touring with The Sex Pistols.

Simon Laffy (bass) — long time friend of Phil Collen and member of Collen's pre Def Leppard outfit Girl. Simon handles the bulk of Man Raze's production duties also.

The five previously unreleased tracks on the deluxe edition are — "You're So Wrong," "Low" (Live in Burbank 08), "Turn It Up" (Deep Dub), "Runnin' Me Up" (Instrumental Dub) and "Can't Find My Own Way" - Live Acoustic (Gary Crowley show - UK).

Man Raze also have two high profile shows set overseas including a performance at the Download Festival. Further details on the band's U.S. Dates will be coming shortly.

Wed 10 June Academy 2, Dublin, Eire
Sat 13 June Download Festival, UK

Surreal will be released through VH1 Classic Records on June 9, 2009.