On The Ground At Bonnaroo: Thursday : All Songs Considered Bob Boilen and NPR Music's crew of mud-covered hosts recap the first day of music from Manchester, Tenn.
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On The Ground At Bonnaroo: Thursday

In what will surely become a nightly ritual, our tuckered Bonnaroo hosts convened backstage in the wee hours of Friday morning around a lone microphone to recap music festival's first crazy day of performances. Neither mud nor rain nor storms nor lack of electricity stayed these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen, The Current's Jill Riley, KUT's Andy Uhler and WFUV's Rita Houston had an easy day on the scheduling front, since the main and second stages are shuttered until Friday afternoon. Of the three "tents" in operation, they seemed to agree that the "That" stage was where it was in fact at, with Neon Indian, The Temper Trap and The xx all bringing something different to the party.

"The xx are so amazingly tight — even in this festival setting, even when it's outdoors and it's kinda muggy," Andy says. "They got great songs and they put them all together."

"Judging them off their singles, I thought The Temper Trap would be a first-night, laid-back kind of show," Jill says. "But I was really impressed. The energy was at a 10."

Bob says there were at least 10,000 people at the Neon Indian show, and Rita has an inkling why: "Let me throw out one word: pasties."

Before retiring for the night, each host picked one (and only one) act not to miss on Friday. Rita went with The National, Andy never misses a chance to see Jack Black's Tenacious D, Jill opted for Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and Bob picked The Flaming Lips.