On The Ground At Bonnaroo: Sunday : All Songs Considered After four days of the music marathon, the NPR leaves exhausted but in awe of this unique festival experience.
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On The Ground At Bonnaroo: Sunday

Dave Matthews Band closes out the ninth annual Bonnaroo festival
Diane Wong

When it was time for the smaller stages to break down on the final night of Bonnaroo, about 75,000 fans on the Manchester, Tenn. farm filtered toward the "What" stage for Dave Matthews Band's closing performance.

As the band vamped, dozens of glowing lanterns suspended by balloons floated over the sea of people standing in awe of the scenery. Even the NPR Music team allowed themselves to be swept up in the Bonnaroo magic.

"They're pros and they put on a heck of show," Jill Riley from The Current said about the number one touring band in America.

DMB was a fitting finale act that bridged Bonnaroo's jam-band bluegrass roots and its newer role hosting headliners like Stevie Wonder and John Fogerty.

This year Bonnaroo also left room to showcase international talent like the North African, Tinariwen. Draped in robes, scarves and electric guitars, Tinariwen thrilled Bob with their "transcending and trans-inducing" music.

Regina Spektor put a smile on Jill and WFUV’s Rita Houston face with her throwback style that still embraces modern piano pop. Rita spotted Spektor sporting “old-lady slippers” while waiting in the “Which” stage wings, then quickly changing into more glamorous footwear.

“I just loved her putting on her red shoes and taking the stage,” Rita said.

A stand-out for KUT’s Andy Uhler was Kris Kristofferson's performance. The folk-rock veteran joked about his long history as a musician and dedicated songs to his children and "all their mamas." Kristofferson also became nostalgic discussing the last time he spoke with his friend, Janis Joplin, before going into "Me and Bobby McGee," which made Jill teary-eyed

"It was really a really powerful moment, I will remember that for the rest of my life," said Jill.