Old Music Tuesday: The Human League : All Songs Considered All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen shares a classic from his personal record collection.  It may not sound like it now, but The Human League song "Being Boiled" was pretty exotic when it was released in the late '70s.
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Old Music Tuesday: The Human League


On this week's All Songs Considered you can hear a whole bunch of songs that aren't out yet as part of our annual Fall Music Preview.  One of the cuts I brought to the show is from a record NPR Music's Sami Yenigun turned me on to called North.  It's by the electronic trio Darkstar.   The song we play is "Gold" and it's a slightly renamed cover version of a cut called "You Remind me Of Gold" by '80s pop group The Human League. As far as I know this was the "B" side of the 1983 12" called "Mirror, Mirror."

The Human League started off as a pretty odd, avante-garde electronic band, before eventually turning into a standard synthpop group.  After hearing Darkstar, I sifted through my 45 collection and pulled out my copy of "Being Boiled," The Human League's first single from 1978. (The YouTube video says 1982, but I know I bought mine in 1978)

It may not sound like it now, but it was pretty exotic at the time.  The lyrics are still pretty weird, but musically it sounds fairly straight ahead. And in the spirit of old bands making new records, The Human League  have a new album coming in 2011 called Credo.

The Human Leage
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