Photos From Behind The Tiny Desk : All Songs Considered Each week NPR Music hosts full bands that perform live at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the production with a special gallery from photographer Abby Verbosky.
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Photos From Behind The Tiny Desk

A couple times a week, a tour group comes through our corner of the NPR offices to see where the so-called "magic" happens. To be honest, it's really just a bunch of cluttered desks and people working silently while wearing headphones. But for at least some of the visitors, it's one of their favorite stops, in part because they can see where we film the Tiny Desk Concerts.

One of the first things people say when they actually see Bob Boilen's desk is "Oh, it really is tiny." (The camera adds ten pounds).  The artists in particular routinely have a bemused smirk when they arrive, as if thinking "How is our 7-piece band going to fit in that impossibly small space?"  This is usually followed by "What have we gotten ourselves into?"

This is both the challenge and the charm of the Tiny Desk Concerts.

In addition to shooting videos , we also take a lot of superb photos, most of which go unused and sadly unseen. The gallery above is just a sampling of some of our most recent Tiny Desk Concerts, captured by multimedia intern Abby Verbosky. They offer an excellent view into how we convert our modest workplace into our own makeshift music venue.  (They also look best in full-screen mode).