The New All Songs Considered 24/7 Music Channel : All Songs Considered All Songs Considered celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new 24-7 music channel featuring every song ever played on the show.  Listen to the program anytime and just about anywhere with the iPhone Music App.
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The New All Songs Considered 24/7 Music Channel

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Today we launch the All Songs Considered 24/7 music channel. It's a steady, endless stream of songs for you to hear anytime and just about anywhere. You can find it here, or on the NPR iPhone music app.  An Android app is in our future.

We launched the stream to celebrate the tenth anniversary of All Songs Considered.  You can hear all the songs we’ve played on the show since it started in 2000, plus a few extra treats and surprises.

A lot has changed on All Songs Considered since the first episode went up.  In the beginning, and for a good while after we started, we made these slideshows.  You could listen to the music, watch a series of images and read text about the artists and albums.  This is the very first one we did:

All Songs Considered Episode One

While we don't do slideshows like this anymore, we've since added live concert webcasts, tiny desk shows, guest DJ spots (such as the one we did with Thom Yorke), roundtable chat shows on various themes (Were the '80s Really That Bad?) and a lot more.

As far as the stream goes, it might change.  Maybe we’ll fill it with holiday songs, or maybe the best music of 2010 as we near the end of the year. Maybe we’ll put a concert in the stream every night or have a week where there are nothing but full concerts to hear.

We’d love you to listen while you work and tell us what you like or don’t like about our new project.  You can drop us an email at  You can also leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

And thanks for 10 great years of fabulous music and the best music fans imaginable.