More Photos From The Tiny Desk : All Songs Considered Each week at NPR Music we bring in a couple of bands to perform at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen. Photographer Abby Verbosky offers a behind-the-scenes view of the shows (and the NPR Music offices) in this special photo gallery.
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More Photos From The Tiny Desk

Every time we film a band or an artist for a Tiny Desk Concert, we also bring in one of our talented multimedia interns to shoot photographs of the show. This fall's photo intern, Abby Verbosky has been here for nearly every show since September. We asked her to compile some of her favorite shots and describe what types of musical moments she looks for when taking a picture.

Although I spend most of my time as a photo intern at NPR researching other people's photographs for the website, the Tiny Desk Concerts have kept me busy shooting my work. It's also a chance for me to hear great music and get one of the closest views in the office for these intimate concerts.

Every week I get to see two or three shows, which isn't bad for an office job. When shooting a performance, I try to retell any stories the artists tell.  When Chis Otepka (The Heligoats) was a kid, for example, he'd push his eyes in his sockets to see trippy colors and shapes.  During another show, Nellie McKay took out her contacts so, she said, she could perform better.

This gallery of photos offers a look around the Tiny Desk, from the hallways to the office windows. The "skinny end of the 5th floor" fills with music, singing and energy that no other work environment, or music venue, could replicate.