Video: Kelli Scarr's "Come Back to Me" : All Songs Considered Songstress Kelli Scarr tearjerks her way through a video for the new single from her full-length Piece.
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Video: Kelli Scarr's "Come Back to Me"

You may recognize Kelli Scarr as Moby's collaborator and singer for NPR Music's Project Song last year. Now something new from this ethereal songwriter and singer. This video is for "Come Back to Me" from her debut release Piece

The ballad weeps with slide guitar and classically melancholy lyrics. The beautiful film plays nearly entirely backwards in slow motion, skipping around various Brooklyn locales. It mirrors Scarr's emotive story that traces back the stretch of a former relationship. Drenched in a morose sense of pining, proceed to watch/listen with caution if you're even a little bit tender about a previous-ended love affair.

Director Larry DeWinn offered some words on the video in a recent e-mail:

In developing a video concept for Kelli Scarr's song "Come Back to Me", I felt both the pace of the song and the lyrics required something abstract. I was immediately struck by how the lyrics told a story that both mourned the end of a relationship and acknowledged that the relationship had become something that would never be again. I wanted to focus on the gravity of the moment it becomes clear that Kelli's character has had enough; the moment her character changes direction physically and takes off.
We shot the video with the intention of playing it backwards and some of my favorite moments happen as passing background elements. Shooting backwards further isolates Kelli and her struggle. When you end a relationship, you play everything backwards in your mind, trying to figure out where it went wrong.
It was a pleasure working with Kelli and I owe a great deal of thanks to the crew and post production team. A special thank you to Clint Litton who provided the Red Mysterium X Camera and Spencer Dennis who did an amazing job editing and supervising post production.

Scarr herself had this to write:

Laurence LeWinn and his team did an amazing job painting a portrait of the hope I find within the beauty of sad memories. This video also gives viewers a look at "my" Brooklyn; from Rockaway Beach, to my best friend's apartment, to Fort Greene Park, to the Coney Island Boardwalk. Enjoy!