tUnE-yArDs Will Use A Delay Pedal Anywhere : All Songs Considered Merrill Garbus, one of the artists slated to perform at our annual Austin party, performs an acoustic number in a historic Parisian square with only a drummer for support.
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tUnE-yArDs Will Use A Delay Pedal Anywhere

Courtesy of the artist

Merrill Garbus, the brains behind tUnE-yArDs, recently set up camp with drummer Nathaniel Brenner at Paris' Place des Vosges. With minimal instrumentation, the two performed "Doorstep" for passersby and Le HibOO.

Garbus performed in the Marais district square with just a digital delay pedal and acoustic pick-up. Her accompanist, Nate Brenner, wielded only a pair of drumsticks.

The footage and the sound are astounding. How a crowd didn't form around the two defies logic.

Oh, and don't forget to catch tUnE-yArDs — among others — at our annual day party at The Parish in Austin during the SXSW Music Conference at The Parish on Thursday, March 17 at 2 p.m. ET. If you're unable to make the trek down to Austin this year, fret not: You can watch the show live. Check out our webcast schedule here.