What Your Favorite 'Weekend' Band Says About Your Upcoming Weekend : All Songs Considered As far as band-naming conventions go, "Weekend" is the new word to pop up everywhere, following such ubiquitous band-name words as "Wolf" and "Crystal." Hear five very different Weekend bands here.

What Your Favorite 'Weekend' Band Says About Your Upcoming Weekend

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Alain-Christian via Flickr

Band-naming conventions have gotten a little out of hand. There was the "wolf" epidemic of 2005 (Wolf Parade, Wolf Eyes) and the short-lived "crystal" wave of 2008 (Crystal Stilts, Crystal Castles), while the "[animal] + [some twee thing]" equation is, to this day, slowly killing me. Bear in Heaven, I am on to you.

It's over, folks. "Weekend" is the new whatever was popular five Google searches ago. With a tip of the hat to McSweeney's (and to MetalSucks), here's what your favorite Weekend band says about your upcoming weekend.

What Your Favorite Weekend Band Says About You

  • The Weeknd

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    "What You Need"

    From 'House of Balloons'

    The slow-jam party in your Williamsburg loft is less Voodoo and quaffed Petron and more shotgunned PBR and a shuffled iTunes playlist. You and your friends called it PBR&B before it was cool, then subsequently joined in the backlash.

    House of Balloons is available as a free download from The Weeknd's website.

  • Weekend

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    "Coma Summer"

    From 'Sports'

    Sofia Coppola asked you and your friends to ride fixie bikes through a quaintly suburban neighborhood at night for her new movie. You do this every Friday night anyway.

  • Weekend Nachos

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    "Reason To Die"

    From 'Unforgivable'

    Only your Tumblr followers knew about the hardcore show in your basement, but it's cool; only 20 people can fit on the dirt pile you call a floor anyway.

  • Weekends

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    From 'Strange Cultures'

    There is a hairy, greasy, overweight man in nothing but a felt sippy-cup costume in your kitchen eating birthday cake. It's not your birthday. This is not out of the ordinary.

    Strange Cultures is available from Friends Records.

  • Vampire Weekend

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    From 'Contra'

    Ummm, I'm gonna need you to come in tomorrow. So if you could be here around 9, that would be great, mmm-kay?