Read Colin Meloy's New Children's Book : All Songs Considered Read the first four chapters of Colin Meloy's new children's book, The Wildwood Chronicles, out August 30.
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Read Colin Meloy's New Children's Book

The Wildwood Chronicles
Courtesy of the artist

Don't be surprised if a lot of Decemberists fans are found scouring the young adult section of their local bookstore on August 30. Colin Meloy is putting out his first novel, a fantasy adventure called The Wildwood Chronicles.

The tale focuses on Prue, a precocious heroine, whose brother gets carried away by a murder of crows. Of course, the only way to save him is to head out into the Portland, Ore. wilderness. Not unlike something from a Decemberists song really. Carson Ellis, Meloy's wife and resident artist for the band, helps illustrate the young girl's world.

You can read the first four chapters now by giving your email address.

The husband and wife duo explain the book a little more in this video.


Meloy has always been known as a literary guy, so it's really no surprise that he wrote a novel. Maybe a little surprising that it's aimed at kids. We know Madonna's done it and Paul McCartney too, but are there any other musicians you'd like to see try their hand at writing a children's book?