First Watch: Sea Of Bees, 'Skinnybone' : All Songs Considered Sea of Bees singer Julie Ann Bee premieres the video for "Skinnybone" from the album Song For The Ravens.
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Sea Of Bees, 'Skinnybone'

Sean Stout
Julie Ann Bee
Sean Stout

Bike riding through Williamsburg, Brooklyn you never know what you might find. On Julie Ann Bee's ride she stumbles upon a very unusual garbage can. One that ultimately takes her into an alternative universe filled with neon splatter paint, voodoo rituals and alter egos.

The Sea of Bees singer and multi-instrumentalist wrote "Skinnybone" for her tightly knit group of friends. "We live in the city of Sacramento, CA and I didn't have much, just enough to get by," Bee says. "But it made me feel rich being with my friends and living the simple life."

With the video, director Stephan Littger wanted to tap into Bee's split personalities. "The video was an idea from the director, Stephan, about my life, my sexuality," she explains. "A small story of me being an average girl, not able to be whom I really was and am."

Bee's album Song For The Ravens is out now on Crossbill Records.