First Watch: Milagres, 'Halfway' : All Songs Considered In a big stack of songs, this one was a standout. Watch a premiere of the video for "Halfway."

Milagres, 'Halfway'

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Cameron Wittig

You may not know the band Milagres, but I'm hoping "Halfway" will change that. On a recent road trip filled with new albums, Milagres was the band that piqued my interest the most — the one I listened to again and again after I got home — so here's a fun video from the band. We asked songwriter Kyle Wilson to tell us about "Halfway" and filmmaker Dimitri Simakis to talk about a video that features a trippy giant cat and a beautiful girl in a bathtub.

'Halfway' by Milagres

Milagres' Kyle Wilson:

"Halfway" followed me around for years. It originally was born as a pale, malnourished skeleton of a song; it was a sketch I was certain would eventually be dragged onto the trash icon on my desktop. It seemed to me to be a vague presentation of my personal frustrations that no one would ever relate to. But it kept popping up in my head. Walking down the street, at work, on an airplane — although I could think of no way to flesh it out, to finish it, to turn it into something more than a sketch, it wouldn't go away. So, one day, I shared it with my bandmates. They said it was "hooky." A few weeks later, Fraser [McCulloch, the band's bassist] sent me an MP3 over email. He'd had some ideas about "Halfway." His fresh perspective allowed him to turn my ragged sketch into something that was beyond my expectations, something potentially massive and powerful, and we decided to record the song for our album. Once we'd finished tracking it months later, we still felt something was missing. I'll never forget the moment when, in the studio, we happened upon the high, ostinato guitar part that I play throughout most of the song. It was one of those exciting moments where you know you've found exactly what you were looking for.

Dimitri's video for "Halfway" really makes the song shine. What I love the most about it is that it is hilarious, beautiful, trippy and sad, all at the same time.

Director Dimitri Simakis:

I took my love for cats, space and The Neverending Story and put them all together in a journey through space and time. My work is always a marriage between humor and sadness, so I hope you enjoy as you cry your eyes out.

It was also an honor to work with my favorite actress, Zena Grey, and the greatest actor of the last decade, Axl (the cat).