First Watch: Army Navy's 'Ode To Janice Melt' : All Songs Considered The latest video from the Los Angeles pop band tells a funny and surprising story of forbidden love.

Army Navy's Hilarious, Heartbreaking 'Ode To Janice Melt'

The latest video from the Los Angeles pop group Army Navy tells the sad but true story of one man's forbidden love affair with — wait for it — his hand. No, it's not what you think it is. The short film, starring actor Jason Ritter (The Event, Parenthood), is for "Ode to Janice Melt," from Army Navy's The Last Place, and the hand in question is sort of personified. But really, you just need to watch and see for yourself. It's a brilliant and hilarious take on romance, and the song itself is crazy-catchy.

We asked director Jeremy Konner and Army Navy singer Justin Kennedy to tell us a little bit about how the song and video came together.

From director Jeremy Konner:

"I am thrilled that Army Navy let me make this totally absurd video. Jason Ritter, who has been a close friend of mine since we were about 5 years old, came up with the basic joke when we were in high school: pretending to blow kisses to a departing lover and eventually just making out with his hand. We laughed and riffed, joking about his hand-relationship, and always talked about one day doing something with the idea, but never really thought it would happen. But then Justin [Kennedy] asked me to do another music video for them and he really responded to the idea when I pitched it to him. Justin and the band then helped craft the arc of the story, and we ended up with a ridiculous short about an unlikely, and ultimately impossible, love story and the subsequent heartbreak that ensues."

From Justin Kennedy:

"Ode to Janice Melt" was the first song I wrote for the new album. It's a letter speaking directly to a woman I was madly in love with but don't have any contact with anymore. It's me coming to terms with the good and bad elements of the relationship and trying to cope with being alone. Trying to see our life as honest as I could and not filtering these memories through rose-colored glasses. The video concept felt like it mimicked the story of the song in so many ways. It's a very absurd look at a hidden relationship; how you can get caught up in the excitement of a new lover (or hand) and how it can all fall apart so quickly. I feel like there is humor hidden in a lot of my lyrics, and we wanted to bring that out in the video, but also bring out the romance and excitement of a brand-new lover (even as bizarre as this lover is). It's a very silly and fun story, but Jeremy [Konner] and Jason [Ritter], being the geniuses they are, were able to still find a sweetness and innocence in it. We are really proud of the video and thankful to all the people who helped create it. Enjoy!"

This isn't the first hilarious video Army Navy has produced. Check out the one for "My Thin Sides" and this one for "Saints," both from the group's self-titled 2008 debut.