First Watch: Gem Club, 'Twins' : All Songs Considered In Gem Club's gorgeous and meditative new video, the raw intimacy of a relationship is on display.

Gem Club, 'Twins'

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Courtesy of the artist

Gem Club.

Courtesy of the artist

If you're looking for something to put you into a meditative — if not necessarily peaceful — state of mind, look no further. The new video for Gem Club's gorgeous piano ballad, "Twins," is it.

Christopher Barnes and Kristen Drymala, who make up the Massachusetts dream-pop band, recruited the help of director BriAnna Olson to create a beautiful and haunting piece of art.

Visually, the video focuses on the careful movements of two nude dancers. But it's much more than that. Their bodies fuzzed out and bathed in soft waves of shadow and light, the man and woman's interaction evokes the many stages of a relationship, from the first tender moments of discovery to those of crackling frustration, easy laughter or silent intimacy. "I want to lie still near you, near you," Barnes sings. That line seems to say it all. What remains is the inescapable magnetism between two human beings.

Watch the raw and captivating video here:

Be advised, this video contains nudity.

Christoper Barnes and director BriAnna Olson filled us in on the emotions and creative process behind the piece:

Christopher Barnes:

This was one of the first songs that was written for the album, and is the result of two different ideas that were eventually merged into one. The instrumentation was finished before the lyrics were, which is not typical of the way that I write. I think it made me focus more closely on the narrative, which is about the different stages of a relationship — longing, commitment, uncertainty.

I don't provide Bri with any context or background on the songs that she selects to work with, and in general I prefer not to explain the lyrics too much. The videos she has created for us in the past have always been a compelling visual counterpoint or interpretation of the music, whereas with "Twins" the outcome felt very serendipitous, more like a marriage.

Director BriAnna Olson:

The instant I heard Christopher's voice, performing at Cloud Club in Boston, I knew our partnership was inevitable — there was just this resonance that cut right through me in a way that might as well have been a banner that read, "Welcome Home." Likewise, my creative relationships with featured performers Eva Perrotta and Michael Pope hold an endless potential and magnetism that seems to pull us together as contemporaries in New York City. This sets the stage for the video. There are the times you can be blindsided by someone new in ways that seem beyond anything speakable. Suddenly, you're purging these emotions as you're faced with feeling exposed and vulnerable and falling, willfully or not, into the immense amount of intimacy you were born to share.