First Watch: The Pack A.D., 'Haunt You' : All Songs Considered See a Halloween-friendly new video from the fantastically gritty Vancouver rock duo The Pack A.D.
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The Pack A.D., 'Haunt You'

The Pack A.D., a fantastically gritty rock duo from Vancouver, is releasing a spooky new video just in time for Halloween. Actually, the short film for the appropriately titled "Haunt You," from the band's latest album Unpersons, isn't remotely terrifying, except for maybe drummer Maya Miller's stony, dead-eyed performance. But it does take place in a gloomy cemetery plagued with guitar-wielding (and stylishly animated) monsters.

The Pack A.D. formed in 2006 with Becky Black on vocals and guitars and Miller on drums. We asked Miller to tell us a little bit about how the song and video came together:

Becky and I are both horror film fans. In particular, we both love movies and stories involving ghosts; further in particular, Japanese horror films, which are about the scariest movies on the planet. We came up with the music of the song first, and then I worked on the lyrics, starting with what the chorus was going to be. As soon as I realized it was "I'll haunt you," the rest fell into place in literally five minutes. It's a ghost story — the song always was.

[Director] Mike [Roberts] is the mastermind behind the Sadies video of "RatFink." We toured with The Sadies and always thought his stuff was amazing. By chance, we contacted him, and he was into doing a video for us.

More from director Mike Roberts:

Maya approached me after seeing my short film Rumbleseat and asked if I wanted to make them an animated video. The band has this great sinister edge, and it's really easy to imagine them as possessed monsters or ghosts up there on stage. Mixing the live action with the animation just seemed like such an obvious fit, and they seemed to dig the idea. They really liked the animation angle, so hopefully there's enough animated haunted monster action in there to put smiles on their faces. Besides, the song's called "Haunt You" — this stuff practically writes itself.

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