First Watch: Adele, Live At The Royal Albert Hall : All Songs Considered Adele's rich and powerful voice is on display in this heartfelt performance from the artist's new concert film.
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Adele, Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Courtesy of the artist
Adele - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Courtesy of the artist

Adele may have been sidelined by a recent vocal surgery, but that's not preventing you from seeing the British singer perform her world-beating album 21 live — at least on your TV and in select movie theaters.

On November 29, Adele will release "Live at the Royal Albert Hall," a concert film and live album recorded at the historic London venue earlier this year. The film features the entire 90-minute concert performance alongside behind-the-scenes footage filmed throughout the day of the concert.

In the show, Adele sits or stands in front of a wall of suspended lampshades, so it's her powerful voice that's most on display, and the show's stripped-down sound and feel allow Adele's personal connection to the material to come to the surface. The result is a heartfelt performance that provokes tears not only from members of the audience but occasionally from Adele, herself.

One of the film's most powerful moments comes when Adele performs Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" as a tribute to Amy Winehouse, encouraging the audience to raise their phones and cameras so that the late singer can see them "from upstairs."

Take a look at this emotional clip of Adele performing "Make You Feel My Love" here:

You can pre-order "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" on DVD and Blu-ray here.