First Watch: Neon Indian, 'Hex Girlfriend' : All Songs Considered Watch a video, which examines what it's like to perform in a concert venue with no one watching.
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Neon Indian, 'Hex Girlfriend'

Courtesy of the artist
Neon Indian
Courtesy of the artist

Neon Indian's latest video, shot at Chicago's Lincoln Hall as part of a series by, examines an interesting idea: What does it look like when a band performs in an empty concert venue with no one watching?

The video's format offers a perfect glimpse into how the Texas band works with layers of synthesizers and electronic feedback to craft its woozy shoegaze pop.

The final product is a beautifully filmed live performance, shot from almost microscopic close range. Rather than wide shots of the crowd and ambient noise, we get twirling knobs, tangled cords, stomping feet and smoking equipment. The result is a more intimate look at what a concert might look like from a band's perspective.

Take a look at the video for "Hex Girlfriend" here:

Daniel Ryan, the video's director and producer (and founder of For No One), had this to say about making the video:

FOR NO ONE was devised to capture intimate live performances within relevant, albeit empty, surroundings. Blending prior experience from short films and music videos, as well as editorial work on La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows, the project was conceived and refined by taking aspects that appealed to me from several other pieces I had been working on. Seeking more control than a live shoot could offer, and looking to build something that was restrained and expressive, the series was a natural progression. The latest installment is an excellent example of what the future of FOR NO ONE holds, and feels like it is just the beginning of what is to come.