Adam Arcuragi's Family Photo Album: A Year In Five Minutes : All Songs Considered The new video for the "Death Gospel" artist's song "Oh I See" displays his band's adventures through a collection of photos and video.
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Adam Arcuragi's Family Photo Album: A Year In Five Minutes

Try to listen to the music of Adam Arcuragi and not feel the desire to sing along. Arcuragi's music connects to something primal and communal that makes you want to be part of the music. His new single, "Oh I See," off the recent album Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It, feels like something that sprung from a rocking campfire session — an updated super-"Kumbaya." Arcuragi and his band, The Lupine Chorale Society, sound completely spontaneous and unified. Everything, from the quiet background vocals to the pounding drums to the joyous chorus shouts, fit snugly together.

The video for "Oh I See" gives us a look at the closeness that can come from traveling in a band for a long period of time. The footage is like an old photo album of a musical family, a group of connected people playing music that they love with each other. We see quick moments of the group traveling, performing and simply hanging out. The captured moments are both big (getting ready to perform on a giant stage) and small (getting haircuts and dancing around a fireplace). Sharp eyes will catch a little NPR plug from when the band played at the Tiny Desk.

Arcuragi told us about his inspiration for the video:

The video for 'Oh I See' is a compilation of snap-shots and footage taken on tours across the U.S. and Europe, traveling, practicing and in the studio. The idea was to clean out the hard drive and share a look into the many adventures we have found ourselves on over the past months and years.

Part of the reason we chose this song was because someone happened to capture a video in the studio, of the take, of the version of "Oh I See" that appears on the record. So some of the footage is literally of the moment we were making the song you're hearing. It's a thank you to anyone and everyone that has come to a show, bought a record, played on stage and shared in the wild experience that was the making of this album. All together, it is very much an affirmation that coincides with the spirit of the song: It is the baying of many, to the moon.

I can still hear the wolves calling from miles away ... .

Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It is out now from Thirty Tigers Records.