Gemma Ray's 'Rescue Me': Messed Up In Aisle Five : All Songs Considered There's a sale on ennui! The musician's new video is a pill-coated, science-fiction collage about '60s suburban boredom.

Gemma Ray's 'Rescue Me': Messed Up In Aisle Five

Is there anywhere that symbolizes surburban angst and listlessness better than the supermarket? Where else would the band Pulp take a rich girl to show her the mundane lives of "common people" or Double Indemnity's femme fatale plan her husband's murder? Now it's Gemma Ray's turn to take on the rows of packaged goods in her new song "Rescue Me."

For the song's video, Ray turned to director Lucy Dyson to create something that's equal parts Lisa Frank and vintage advertisements, with a sci-fi twist. Ray's housewife wanders the floor of the SuperMarket-brand supermarket, bored out of her skull and dreaming technicolor fantasies of getting away from her everyday life. The smiling, stiff cutouts of the other customers customers clash with Ray's melancholic lyrics about being trapped in the doldrums — only surviving because she's "blissed out in a dream."

In an email Gemma Ray talked to us about collaborating with Dyson:

Both Dyson's work and mine has that "other world" thing going on, and I was really excited to see how she would interpret "Rescue Me." Watching the video, it feels as though the song has been transported back to the dreamy place where it was first conceived, wherever that may be. She created the album artwork for Island Fire and I feel that the surface has only been scratched with this other dimension she's creating for my music to live in.

Director Lucy Dyson described her vision for the video:

For the "Rescue Me" video we wanted to explore the world we had created in the artwork. We imagined Island Fire as being a prefab outer suburb on the exoplanet Kepler-20f, sold to people on planet Earth as a glamorous new place to migrate to to start a family (the human race depends on it). Day to day living on Island Fire is similar to Earth, but everyone is longing for the big cities of their home planet, a million miles away. They mask their depression with drugs similar to soma, they have traded in a mundane life on earth for an equally mundane life on another planet. In "Rescue Me," Gemma Ray is singing what everyone on Island Fire is feeling, she is all dressed up but has no where to go. Except to the supermarket.

Gemma Ray's new album, Island Fire, will be out on May 29th on Bronze Rat Records.