Porcelain Raft: A Hazy Trip To Dreamland : All Songs Considered The musician enters a phantasmagorical world filled with smoke in his new video for "Drifting In and Out."
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Porcelain Raft: A Hazy Trip To Dreamland

It's pretty amazing what a person can do with smoke, a few lights and some good editing. Mauro Remiddi, a.k.a. Porcelain Raft, uses these elements to create the perfect visuals for his new single, "Drifting In and Out." In the song, Remiddi's airy vocals swirl around the dark, humming synths and thumping drum machine beats. There's a feeling of movement, but it never goes to any certain place. It instead just spirals continually inward — eventually breaking apart and turning into a single tone.

In the video for "Drifting In and Out," Remiddi creates what I imagine it's like inside the head of a person just about to start dreaming. The video is surreal, but never dives into nightmare territory. Remiddi twists and turns in a mysterious black void, his face often covered either by strong shadows or smoke — there's a lot of smoke. Large, translucent hands wriggle around him and a piercing light sporadically flashes. Slowly, an image emerges behind Remiddi until he passes though a mysterious door, revealing (though it remains slightly hazy) the source of the light.

Remiddi talked about the idea behind the video for "Drifting In and Out" in an email:

"I've always been intrigued by smoke machines so I decided to use one for this video. I was inspired by the idea of a lighthouse, a little sparkle that can guide travelers out of the dark."

Porcelain Raft's Strange Weekend is out now from Secretly Canadian. The label will also be releasing a 7" with "Drifting In and Out" b/w "Chain" on June 26th.