An Epic And Mysterious 'Passage' From Exitmusic : All Songs Considered The Brooklyn husband and wife duo create a video for "Passage" that feels like it was torn out of a occult thriller.
NPR logo An Epic And Mysterious 'Passage' From Exitmusic

An Epic And Mysterious 'Passage' From Exitmusic

Courtesy of the artist
Sinking into something: Aleksa Palladino in a still from the video for Exitmusic's "Passage."
Courtesy of the artist

Exitmusic, the husband-wife duo of Devon Church and Aleksa Palladino, makes epic music — and I don't use that word lightly. Though it feels like "epic" gets tossed around to describe anything up to the sandwich you just ate, there are certain things that you just have to describe as such. Exitmusic's new single, "Passage," is one. The mix of Palladino's hauntingly beautiful vocals and the massive waves of sound keep on rising to new climaxes. In an email, the band described "Passage" as "losing yourself to the moment even though you know it cannot last." While Church and Palladino were referring to the song's lyrics, this concept is true for the listener's connection to the song. By the time the drums kick in and Palladino's voice swells to a near-breaking point, you're fully drawn in, experiencing a burst of emotional energy.

The new video for Exitmusic's "Passage."

The "Passage" video finds Exitmusic working with director Will Joines (whom they also worked with on the video for their song "The Hours"). It feels like the climax to a longer film. We're dropped into this somber-toned world and shown intriguing snippets of what might be occult rituals, the band playing in a smoke-filled space, and Palladino in a bathtub. There's sort of a horror movie vibe but one that's particularly intense and sinister. When the video ends suddenly you want more of this world, more of the strange story that you don't fully understand.

In an email, Joines talked about making sure the video matched the song's power:

Early on, [the band and I] talked about the song's feeling of being drawn to something inevitable, like a moth to a flame. I tried to capture that in the video with images as dynamic and cinematic as the song itself.

Exitmusic's debut LP, Passage, will be out on May 22nd from Secretly Canadian records.