Fool's Gold Plunges Into Dangerous Obsession With 'The Dive' : All Songs Considered The L.A. band new video for "The Dive" mixes a bouncy '70s feel with a melancholy undertone to tell the story of a story of a lonely scientist.
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Fool's Gold Plunges Into Dangerous Obsession With 'The Dive'

The first thing we learn about the unnamed subject of Fool's Gold's new song, "The Dive," is he/she can't stop moving forward. "You're in love with the dive / the form of a running stride / it's your only design," Fool's Gold's singer Luke Top proclaims. "Where home is your last desire." On top of a bright, driving guitar and drum combo that sounds straight out of classic Afropop, the band describes a person whose constant push forward has turned into a sad obsession — a dangerous "fire" that's continually growing.

For the song's video, the band collaborated with director Tim Nakashi — who also directed Fanfarlo's "Shiny Things" — to make a fun new piece with a '70s retro feel. In the video, a young scientist wanders around a empty beach and gives in to the temptation of taking a plunge into the ocean. What could be a simple, straightforward story is livened up with Nakashi's interjection of explosive bursts of color and light. Like the song, however, the video has an undercurrent of sadness hidden inside the flashes and explosions — the scientist is alone, taking pictures and doing small sampling experiments in a solitary mission. It's only after she takes "the dive" that she realizes what's she missed.

In an email, Nakashi described how he interpreted "The Dive":

The inspiration for the video came from conversations with Fool's Gold about how sometimes in order to do what you love, you have to say goodbye to everyone and everything you love — at least for a long while — when you're traveling on a tour or obsessively diving into the next album. So that was our launching off point for the video, which is about a lone scientist who experiences some kind of cross-sensory synesthesia when she obsessively uses her scientific equipment to take in the nature around her. She sees and hears the vibrations from the rocks, leaves and water around her. But then when she finally submerges herself in the ocean, everyone she left behind comes flooding back in a dreamy underwater reunion.

Singer Luke Top said the band enjoyed Nakashi's sensory take on their song:

"The Dive" is about obsession, and we thought making a video that depicts an altered reality makes total sense thematically. To me, this video represents the coalescing of internal and external worlds in a way that seems both beautiful and questionable. Not to mention totally psychedelic! We definitely encouraged [Nakashi] to experiment and manipulate any and as many images as possible. And hopefully touch upon the two major moods of the song: joy and melancholy. It was also not extremely difficult to hang out near the ocean for a couple days.

Fool's Gold's new album, Leave No Trace, is out now.