13 Reasons To Visit Your Local Record Store Today : All Songs Considered Out of hundreds of exclusive Record Store Day releases, NPR Music's staff has selected a bakers dozen that bring out our rabid inner collectors.

13 Reasons To Visit Your Local Record Store Day On Saturday

Toledo, Ohio's Culture Clash Records is one of the many stores opening their doors this Saturday with exclusive new vinyl. Courtesy of Roger Zender hide caption

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Courtesy of Roger Zender

Toledo, Ohio's Culture Clash Records is one of the many stores opening their doors this Saturday with exclusive new vinyl.

Courtesy of Roger Zender

Record Store Day is like a one-day-a-year time machine. On Saturday, April 21, independent record stores around the country will be mobbed by music fans anxiously lining up to get their hands on actual pieces of plastic with musical information etched onto either side. We can't help it. After spending the rest of the year getting access to just about any piece of music we want without ever interacting with another human being, Record Store Day brings out the collector in us all.

And there's plenty to look forward to. A Flaming Lips double LP featuring guests as diverse as Ke$ha, Nick Cave and Bon Iver. A new St. Vincent single. A split seven-inch where Feist covers Mastodon on one side and Mastodon covers Feist on the other. The best thing about Record Store Day, though, is the way it offers not just a few recordings about which we can all agree, but something to make every fan go a little crazy in anticipation.

Here's proof: the geeks at NPR Music have gone through the complete list of hundreds of exclusive Record Store Day releases and picked out a baker's dozen that will have us lining up early on Saturday.

13 Reasons To Get Excited For Record Store Day

Deerhoof and Of Montreal, 'Stygian x} Bisection' (7" vinyl)

Deerhoof and Of Montreal working together? It'll probably be a nice, quiet, non-weird album with no jolts of psychedelic rock at all.

Some collaborative singles specially made for Record Store Day are best left to our imagination, but this Deerhoof/Of Montreal split 7" seems too intriguing to pass up. Side A, "Stygian," is part of a series where guests write their own lyrics and melodies over instrumental beds from Deerhoof songs: In this case, it's Kevin Barnes, who's sure to add a few extra dollops of psychedelic lunacy and his surrealist charms to the taut guitar riffs and feedback of Deerhoof's "Secret Mobilization." Whether it's good or bad, this must-hear song is gonna be bizarre and a ton of fun. -- Mike Katzif

Grateful Dead, 'Dark Star: Europe '72 Olympia Theatre - Paris, France 5/4/72' (vinyl)

There's a limited edition of 4200 vinyl copies of this archived version of "Dark Star" which can not be a coincidence.

Do I really need another version of "Dark Star," one of the Dead's best-known jams? Well, considering that it was a pretty much a live phenomenon very few vinyl versions exist. So this limited edition Record Store Day release is a sonic treat: hear the guys explore their own musical universe while expanding ours, on vinyl no less. Yummy. -- Felix Contreras

Death Grips, 'The Money Store'

The Money Store is the major label debut from Sacramento's Death Grips.

Believe the hype. Punk-rap trio Death Grips makes aggressive, complicated and gorgeous cacophonies of noise to soundtrack life on the margins. Even their major-label backing feels transgressive. The Money Store makes its first physical appearance on Saturday. Don't stand in line for this one, trample your way to the front and claim your prize. — Amy Schriefer

Gustavo Dudamel Conducting the Vienna Philharmonic, 'Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 3' (vinyl)

Proceeds for this Record Store Day release go toward purchasing musical instruments for young children in Dudamel's native Venzuela.

Classical music is also in the mix on Record Store Day. Charismatic conductor Gustavo Dudamel leads the Vienna Philharmonic in a live performance of Felix Mendelssohn's "Scottish" symphony, a tuneful and passionate inspiration on the composer's visit to Scotland in 1829. Best of all, proceeds of the vinyl-only release will buy musical instruments for aspiring youngsters in the El Sistema program in Dudamel's native Venezuela. -- Tom Huizenga

Iggy And The Stooges, 'Live at All Tomorrows Parties' (12" vinyl)

Try to find a picture of Iggy Pop with a shirt on. I dare you.

I was at this concert in the Catskills at Kutcher's Hotel. As a kid I used to see lounge acts at these posh hotels. All these years later decay has set in, but Iggy — stage diving shirtless — with the The Stooges playing all of Raw Power seemed fitting and fierce. I can't wait for this LP! — Bob Boilen

Jukebox The Ghost, 'I Love You Always Forever' (7" vinyl)

All of Jukebox the Ghost's albums for Record Store Day are hand-drawn by the band.

While you wait for the release of the trio's third album in June, you can pick up a 7" vinyl release of live-favorites-turned-studio-recorded-covers of Donna Lewis' "I Love You Always Forever" and New Order's "Temptation" to hold you over. Each of the 500 sleeves feature hand-drawn artwork designed by the band and 10 lucky purchasers will find 'golden tickets' affixed to the sleeve entitling them to even more Jukebox The Ghost goodies. Fingers: crossed. -- Jenna Strucko

Matt Chamberlain, 'Company 23' (vinyl)

Matt Chamberlain's music is described as "Ennio Morricone meets the Melvins meets Can" which is a strangest combination I've heard in a long time.

I met Matt Chamberlain when he was working with Tori Amos tour in 2003, and was instantly smitten by his curiosity and creative drumming style. Since then, I've followed his varied career from experimental projects like Critters Buggin' to way mainstream stuff (the new Bruce record, for example). A solo project from Matt is guaranteed to blow my mind, and I can't wait to pick it up on vinyl. -- Ann Powers

McLusky, 'McLusky Do Dallas' (vinyl)

According to my research this is the first reference to mclusky on All Songs Considered. About time!

The funniest and most ferocious punk album of the last decade gets a limited vinyl release, just in time for its 10th anniversary. One of those albums that never should have come out on small, shiny compact disc, McLusky Do Dallas deserves to be heard on something big and brittle as its very own songs. -- Jacob Ganz

T. Rex, 'Electric Warrior' (7" vinyl box set)

Marc Bolan's magnum opus is released in an extensive vinyl box set for Record Store Day.

Few albums in my music library have gotten as much playing time as the T. Rex classic Electric Warrior. The Record Store Day edition spreads remastered versions of the album's 11 tracks over six seven-inch records, throws in the song "Raw Ramp" as a bonus cut, and packages all of it in a clamshell box set. The record sleeves are also a puzzle that, when pieced together, form a picture of the late T. Rex singer-songwriter Marc Bolan. Oh please, please be at one of the stores in my neighborhood. -- Robin Hilton

Shabazz Palaces, 'Live At KEXP' (vinyl)

Shabazz Palaces' Black Up was one of the best albums of last year. Their Record Store Day release finds the band performing live in Seattle.

Over 18 (too short) minutes recorded at Seattle's KEXP, hometown heroes Shabazz Palaces cranked out an insane amount of next-level stuff. Synth-y African rhythms that smoothly morph into jagged percussive moments, all of which were complimented by Ishmael Butler's obliquely mystical lyrics. I can't wait to hear how vinyl warms up Shabazz's futuristic jams. -- Saidah Blount

Unrest, 'Perfect Teeth' (7" vinyl box set)

Unrest is reissuing their amazing album, Perfect Teeth, on vinyl for Record Store Day.

Washington, D.C. is mostly known for its history with hardcore and go-go, but in recent years, the Capital's distinctly tongue-in-cheek but charmingly catchy '90s indie-pop scene has received its due. No band exemplified these qualities more than Unrest on its final and best album, 1993's Perfect Teeth. Pressed on six colored seven-inch records with six additional non-album tracks, each box is printed with the original printing plate on gold metallic ink and comes with a big ol' booklet and photos from the Perfect Teeth sessions. Gimme. -- Lars Gotrich

Various Artists, 'Smugglers Way' (flexidisc and zine)

24 artists created music, art and photography for Domino/Ribbon's new zine exclusive for Record Store Day.

If you're looking for the most band for your buck this Record Store Day, you should take a peek in the pages of the Smugglers Way zine. Inside there's poetry, short fiction, and art by artists like Laura Marling, Jon Hopkins and Lower Dens as well as five unreleased songs by bands including Real Estate and Dirty Projectors. — Dan Raby

Various Artists, 'WTNG 89.9FM: Solid Bronze' (vinyl)

The Numero group unleash their new compilation of unknown smooth jazz and hot-tub soul.

A vinyl compilation of diamonds in the (anything but) rough from the heyday of yacht rock collected by the Numero Group. When you get caught between these tunes and New York City, the best that you can do is fall in love. — Otis Hart