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What Is This Thing?

So I'm going through my stack of mail like I always do, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary, when I open a small envelope postmarked from somewhere in Australia and find this strange card in it.


No letter. No explanation. Just this strange card. I turned it around in my hands for a bit before handing it over to NPR Music Producer Daoud Tyler-Ameen. He went to Yale so of COURSE he figured it out in a matter of seconds.

card 2

This little tab flips out of the card and you can plug it into a USB slot on your computer. I've gotten USB thumb drives before with albums. But this one is pretty cool.

By the way, the band whose music is stored on the card, I learned, is an electronic, instrumental duo called Gallucci, and the music is pretty good. You can download the album at the band's website.