First Watch: Django Django's 'Hail Bop' : All Songs Considered See the latest video from the Scottish group's fabulously catchy collection of cosmic synth-pop.
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First Watch: Django Django's 'Hail Bop'

The Scottish group Django Django has been tearing it up in Europe since dropping its self-titled, debut collection of fabulously catchy synth-pop back in January. The album won't be available in the States until mid August, but a few cuts have been circulating the Web, including the cosmic romp "Hail Bop," now available in a tasty new, lo-fat video.

The video, created and directed by Daniel Swan, features Django Django singer and guitarist Vinnie Neff pushing a giant ball (the Hale-Bopp comet?) up an endless flight of stairs like Sisyphus, only the swirling, psychedelic landscape is a computer-generated maze of snaking tubes and floating rooms, not the underworld as ancient Greeks probably imagined it.

"We wanted the video to be abstract" says drummer and producer David Maclean. "The only clue we gave directors is that the song is about something that passes by once in a lifetime like a comet. Before you know it's off again into deep space never to be seen again."

Django Django is out as a digital download in iTunes Aug. 14, with a physical album release on Ribbon Music set for Sep. 25. We'll have the whole thing available for you to hear in our First Listen series Aug. 6.