Drum Fill Friday, From The Antlers' Michael Lerner : All Songs Considered Hear a mix of drum fills and intros and try to match them to the artists and albums they're from.

Drum Fill Friday, From The Antlers' Michael Lerner

Michael Lerner of The Antlers, performing live.
Andy Sheppard /Redferns

The selections in this week's drum fill quiz come from the amazing Michael Lerner, drummer for The Antlers. Somehow he found time to put this list together for us while the band was finishing up it's new EP, Undersea. I thought it was a pretty challenging quiz, but see what you think.

Drag the drum fill or intro to the album it's from. If you get it right, the song names will appear.

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Miles Davis: "Freddie Freeloader" from Kind Of Blue: "Such a statement of authority in only two notes. Amazing. It inspired me enough to steal it for a song I recorded a long time ago."

M83: "Kim & Jesse" from Saturdays = Youth: "This generation's "In the Air Tonight?"

The Roots: "Silent Treatment" from Do You Want More: "Great musicality and color in this fill."

Maxwell: "Ascension" from Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite: "This groove is just ridiculously smooth."

Bob Marley: "Africa Unite" from Bob Marley And The Waliers - Gold: "The perfect intro? Yes."

Massive Attack: "Protection" from Protection: "Such beautiful texture. Quite possibly my all-time favorite fill."