Name That Drum Fill, From Dinosaur Jr. Drummer Murph : All Songs Considered This week's drum-fill quiz was selected by Murph, longtime drummer for the band Dinosaur Jr.

Drum Fill Friday, From Dinosaur Jr. Drummer Murph

Drummer Murph of Dinosaur Jr., performing at FYF Fest in September.
Karl Walter/Getty Images

This week's drum-fill quiz comes from Murph, longtime drummer for the band Dinosaur Jr. A couple of these are pretty easy, but this was otherwise one of the harder ones I've done. See what you think. Just drag the drum fill or intro to the album it's from. If you get it right, the song names will appear.

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Here's what Murph has to say about the fills and intros he picked:

Jimi Hendrix: Classic Mitch Mitchell drum groove. Great intro that every drummer loves to learn when just starting out.

The Who: The breakdown in the middle of this song is awesome. Classic Keith Moon.

The Exploited: Again, a great thing to learn on drums in the beginning, and the whole song is one long fill!

Gang of Four: Just a classic snare roll in a great song.

Deep Purple: Great timing by Ian Pace, with a lot of displaced fills throughout the song.

Mahavishnu Orchestra: What else can you say, it's Billy Cobham! The song starts with a crescendo and then just takes of from there, with Cobham's super-fast rolls throughout.