First Watch: Night Beds, 'Even If We Try' : All Songs Considered Watch the intense, haunting music video premiere from Night Beds, set to a soothing melody. Night Beds' debut album, Country Sleep, will be released early next year.

First Watch: Night Beds, 'Even If We Try'

This is a languid gem of a song paired with very disturbing video. The music, "Even If We Try," is by Night Beds, the project of Winston Yellen. Yellen is a Colorado Springs musician now making his home in Nashville. In fact the songs on the debut album from Night Beds, Country Sleep, were written and partially recorded in Tennessee at the former Sycamore Homestead in Tennessee of Johnny Cash.

The video for "Even If We Try" stars Winston Yellen as a loner at a party that turns pretty awful. He's abused and painted with lipstick, and all the while the beauty of the song plays on. The video was directed by Rick Alverson, who directed another disturbing recent video for Sharon Van Etten's song "Magic Chords."

Of this Night Beds video Rick Alverson said, "Given how gentle and beautiful the song is, I wanted to make something adamantly in contrast to that." That goes hand in hand with Winston Yellen's thoughts on the pairing of uncomfortable imagery and the lulling tune: "I wanted the video to be dark and devastating, out-of-bounds and animalistic."

Country Sleep will be out in February on Dead Oceans.