What Are Your Music Resolutions For 2013? : All Songs Considered This year, instead of fake-committing to the usual health, fitness and money management resolutions each new year brings, why not vow to change some of the ways you listen to and love music?
NPR logo Question Of The Week: What Are Your Music Resolutions For 2013?

Question Of The Week: What Are Your Music Resolutions For 2013?

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I'm not very good at keeping New Year's resolutions. One year I resolved to "get into yoga." I even wrote that down on a note card and kept it on the refrigerator. Two months later, after doing nothing, I crossed it out and wrote, "be AWARE of yoga."

This year I didn't bother making a list about health and fitness resolutions. But I do have a mental list of some personal improvements I'd like to make when it comes to music.

First, I resolve to go to more live shows. I mean, I probably saw 100 shows last year and to most people that probably sounds like a lot. But for some perspective, Bob Boilen saw 462 shows in 2012. Surely I can do better.

I also resolve to pay more attention to lyrics. This is an ongoing topic of discussion on our show. Bob comes to lyrics first when hearing a new song, while I pay attention to the music and don't come to the lyrics until much later, if at all. It's actually hard for me to tune in to lyrics, but I admit they're important and can completely change the way a song sounds.

Thirdly, I resolve to spend more time with each album, song or artist I hear. We get a lot of music in and I have to blow through it pretty quickly. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of growers. This year I'll try to leave room in my life for music that doesn't blow me away right out of the gate.

Lastly, I resolve to try to try not to immediately dismiss anything Bob likes as a total waste of time.

Tell us your own resolutions — or resolutions you'd like me or Bob to make — in the comments section.