Watch The 1950s Get Its Mind Blown : All Songs Considered Ordinary-looking images of family life in the '50s get sent on a twisted, surreal ride in the video for a new song by the DJ known as Bonobo.

Watch The 1950s Get Its Mind Blown

Animation by Cyriak. Music by Bonobo


I saw this video and was mesmerized. The music is by Bonobo and the video by Cyriak. The song is called "Cirrus."

I'm attracted to imagery that takes the ordinary and twists it in unexpected ways. The work of Renee Magritte, the somewhat serene surrealist artist, comes to mind. At first glance a painting might appear to be a still life of a neighborhood street, but staring at it for a few seconds reveals the juxtaposed blue sky above a night time street.

The video for "Cirrus," set to the music of the DJ Simon Green, takes the sort of surrealism we see in Magritte and amps it up, 21st century-style. It takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary by manipulating quaint imagery from the 1950s into a psychedelic factory of frenzy.

The video was made by the famed British animator Cyriak Harris, or just Cyriak. His Meow Mix video is a great example how he creates lovable chaos using video editing to multiply a simple image.

Green is a Brit who now lives in New York City. His upcoming album under the name Bonobo is called The North Borders, and it'll be out in April. A U.S. tour happens then too. In the meantime, you can download "Cirrus" from his website.