In New Spinto Band Video, Even Breakfast Is Cause For Dancing : All Songs Considered The members of Delaware's Spinto Band find cause for celebration in life's smallest moments. In a new video for the song "What I Love," a tiny paper cut-out dancer tumbles through the beginning of her day, propelled by the unfettered joy of simply drinking coffee and eating cereal.

In New Spinto Band Video, Even Breakfast Is Cause For Dancing

Joy can blindside you in the smallest, most unexpected moments. That's what happened when I watched this new video from Delaware's Spinto Band, for the song "What I Love." As a miniature paper cut-out of a gymnast dances and tumbles across a colorful breakfast table, I found myself filled with pure bliss.

A spiky, upright piano and bouncing rhythms from The Spinto Band propel the tiny dancer through her routine. Suddenly, something as mundane as drinking coffee and eating cereal seem like cause for celebration.

"The project started when we entered our local library and found a small corner of used books," directors Albert Birney and Nick Krill tell us in an e-mail. "For a quarter we bought an instructional gymnast book that had pictures for every step of each maneuver. We started scanning these pictures, not really sure what we would do with them. Eventually we had the idea to compare and contrast her gymnastic routine with someone's breakfast routine."

Krill, who also wrote the song, says the sweetly wistful tone came from a challenge he got to write a track about "wanting to stay and not go away. I tried to make the pace, rhythm and sounds of the song kind of reflect the momentum and movement that comes with chasing after something. But also be similar to the sounds and pacing one could feel or imagine as something falls away from them."

"What I Love" is from The Spinto Band's new album, Cool Cocoon. It comes less than a year after the band released its previous full-length, Shy Pursuit.