Alpine's Mind And Body-Bending Dance Routine : All Songs Considered A new video from Alpine, a six-piece ensemble from Australia, pairs an airy electronic song with a kaleidoscopic dance routine.

First Watch: Alpine's Mind-And-Body-Bending 'Gasoline'

Courtesy of the artist
Courtesy of the artist

A is for Alpine and it's also the name of Alpine's debut album. Alpine is a six-piece ensemble from Australia with an airy sound led by singers Phoebe Baker and Lou James. The group's album, A is for Alpine, has been out in their home since 2012, but it arrives in the U.S. on May 21.

If you need an introduction, you couldn't get a better one than this glorious bit of magic — a video for Alpine's song "Gasoline" — put together by choreographer Stephen Tannos, director Emma Tomelty, editor Jon Meyerand and producer Dinusha Ratnaweera.

The marriage of dance, music and editing is what makes this a piece of art, with dancers entwining and flying, mirrored and being manipulated electronically. Pheobe Baker (she's the singer with red hair) describes "Gasoline" as "a sexy fantasy, so the intimacy and sexuality created visually is such a good complement to the track."

"It's all about dancers' bodies making long beautiful lines, interesting shapes, strength, impressive choreography and of course the key kaleidoscope patterns," says director Emma Tomelty.

As it turned out, Phoebe Baker thinks the video inspired the band in unexpected ways: "This video was so fun to make! Watching the dancers interpret the song with their saucy moves had everyone cheering on set, no one stopped watching them! It was almost like a dance off as to who could push out the strongest moves — Lou and I were inspired for dance lessons after this, maybe we've left it a little late though?!"