Exitmusic Battles Inner Demons In Arresting New Video : All Songs Considered In the band's latest video, singer Aleksa Palladino embraces and then drowns her own likeness in a dark and strange struggle with herself. The gorgeously shot short film is a transfixing exploration of rage, fear and despair.

First Watch: Exitmusic, 'White Noise'

Exitmusic's Passages was one of 2012's darkest and most arresting ambient rock albums. Now, the band returns with an equally transfixing new video for one of the album's standout tracks, "White Noise."

The Gothic, gorgeously shot video shows Exitmusic's Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church as they slowly drift and turn in a dark pool of water. "'White Noise' is such a visual song," Palladino and Church write via email. "Most of the lyrics are images, like a mental flood of disjointed experiences that you are trying to stay afloat in long enough to spot land."

Director Monica Perez says the video and song are, in part, about a struggle with inner demons. "The idea behind the video was to portray a fractured self," she writes. "Two sides of a person, each struggling to dominate the other. Rage, fear, despair, defeat [and] solace were emotions I was interested in exploring. I wanted to capture these dark places that are sometimes hard to emerge from, but I also wanted them to look beautiful, considered and filmic."