Skate Or Die In A New Wolf Eyes Video : All Songs Considered Punks seem to get all the skateboarding videos. Why shouldn't a metallic and cavernous noise band?

Viking's Choice: Skate Or Die In A New Wolf Eyes Video

Try as I might, I could never skateboard. It's as if gravity didn't know what to make of my body and would send me flying face-first into the concrete at every opportunity. That never stopped me from watching skate videos on late-night cable-access TV — pinhole cameras, bloody wipeouts and punk rock. Way before it was the mind-mangling noise band that once turned an unsuspecting Sub Pop audience on its head with bangers like 2004's "Stabbed in the Face," Wolf Eyes was just a bunch of punks from Detroit. And now they've finally made the skate video they've always wanted.

"Born Liar" comes from No Answer: Lower Floors, a decidedly composed record that sometimes feels like member Nate Young's recent solo efforts as Regression. Coming from a noise band that once built itself on piercing extremes, No Answer is harrowing in its patience. If that doesn't sound like fodder for a skate video, consider "Born Liar" the throbbing single, with metallic and cavernous beats set against mercilessly bent guitar and monotone chants. The video intercuts grainy performance footage with the guys on a backyard half-pipe — sorry, not all of us can skate Bob Burnquist's ridiculous Dreamland — and is a dream come true for Nate Young.

We could have done a dark, bloody, hairy-filth type of thing, but all that seemed too obvious. NBC's The Office already did that for us. Anybody remember The Theatre of the Unsettling? We have all skated since our early teens. I have always wanted to be in a sk8 video. Now I can cross that one off my list.

No Answer: Lower Floors is out now on De Stijl. Wolf Eyes is currently on tour.