Dogs Dine, Dance, Date In Lucy Schwartz Video : All Songs Considered If you like dogs that do people things and people who do dog things, then you'll love this new video from Los Angeles singer Lucy Schwartz.
NPR logo First Watch: Lucy Schwartz, 'Boomerang'

First Watch: Lucy Schwartz, 'Boomerang'

I won't lie to you. I love anthropomorphizing dogs. Maybe it's because I like dogs more than people, but need to believe they're somewhat human in order to sustain the kind of long conversations about life and music I have with my own yellow lab, Cornflake (not her real name), without feeling insane.

All of which is to say that when I saw this new video for the song "Boomerang" by Los Angeles singer Lucy Schwartz, I immediately fell in love.

"I love dogs," Schwartz tells us via email. "I always have. Dogs are like furry, little life-teachers; they are the goofiest looking gurus. They remind us that the true joys in life are happiness, love, affection and, of course, food. And let's face it, they are right."

Schwartz, who also directed the video, says her own dog, Banjo, is the star, while the others are rescue dogs from friends. "None of the dogs were trained, so it made for an interesting shoot," she says. "We used a lot of peanut butter and a lot of treats. They all did really well, considering. You could tell [Banjo] was a little sad the next day, when everything returned to normal."

"Boomerang" is from Lucy Schwartz's latest album, Timekeeper, out now on Fortunate Fool Records.