What Song Describes Your Family? : All Songs Considered With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it's a good time to reflect on the people in our lives who helped make us who we are and the music that reminds us of them. Tell us about a song that describes your family, for better or worse. We'll feature some of your picks on All Songs Considered.

Question Of The Week: What Song Describes Your Family?

We need some help putting together next week's show. Thanksgiving is coming up, and for a lot of you, this means you'll be spending some close time with family. Maybe it's more time with family than you want. Or maybe you can't get enough of it. Either way, it's an opportunity to reflect on the people in our lives and how they've shaped who we are.

This is where you come in. Tell us about a song that describes your family. It can be a happy song or sad, a literal or not so literal one. Whatever reminds you of your family. Tell us about the song in the comments section. Or, better yet, go to our Soundcloud page and record your story for us. We'll feature select songs and stories in next week's Thanksgiving edition of All Songs Considered.

For my own song, I was trying to think of one that's all about bottling your emotions. We're stoic people in Kansas, where I grew up. So no complaining! Even if it means you have to stuff your feelings down like the breaded glop you pack inside a turkey this time of year. After giving it some thought, I came up with a song that's in part about bottling, but also about the drifting haze of memory and emotion all of us experience as we grow older. The song, "Even If We Try," from Night Beds, just seems to embody the feelings I have around the holidays. There's a lot of yearning and searching, hope and regret.