Music Puzzler: The Sole Of A Band : All Songs Considered Can you tell what a band's music will sound like, just by the shoes they wear? All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen thinks you can.
NPR logo The Sole Of A Band, April 3

The Sole Of A Band, April 3

These shoes, worn by Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, say as much about the band's sound as the group's makeup and stage antics. Christie's Images/Corbis hide caption

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Christie's Images/Corbis

Baggy pants make different music than skinny jeans. Cowboy hats sound different than fedoras. T-shirt-and-jeans bands make a different noise than suit-and-tie bands. You can often look at a band's clothing and have a pretty good idea what it'll sound like.

But what about shoes? Over the last few months, I've been photographing the shoes of bands I see live, and I've come up with a test, a music quiz of sorts. Imagine this: If I play you a song and then show you four photos of shoes worn by musicians, will you be able to match the shoe to the song? Lace up your thinking boots: I give you The Sole of a Band.