Name That Drum Fill: Bride Of Drum Fill : All Songs Considered Can you identify a song when it's stripped down to a just few seconds of isolated drum pounding?
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Drum Fill Friday: Bride Of Drum Fill

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People often stop me on the street and ask, "Dude, what's with Drum Fill Friday? How are you picking that stuff?" Most of the fills come to me in peyote-induced fever dreams. Otherwise, I mostly just pick songs that have moments in them - fills and intros - that make me want to air-drum. They aren't all legendary or particularly defining moments — just awesome moments. As with all the stuff we do on All Songs Considered, they're songs I love.

As always, if you have a fill (or drummer) you'd love to see included in a puzzler, let us know in the comments section or via Twitter @allsongs #drumfillfriday.