Your Go-To Windows-Down Songs : All Songs Considered Spring is busting out all over, which means it's time once again to roll down the windows and crank your favorite tunes all the way to 11. Tell us your favorite go-to cut for windows-down cruising.

Question Of The Week: What's Your Go-To Windows-Down Song?

Dog driving a convertible car, of course.

Earlier this week we asked you celebrate the beautiful weather by telling us your favorite songs for driving with the windows down. We got hundreds of suggestions, and fortunately (For the D.C. area anyway), the gorgeous, sunny-and-75 days held. After narrowing it down to 50 great songs, we enter the long holiday weekend ready to cruise all over creation with this sweet playlist, made entirely of listener picks. Dial it up and get moving!

I'm not sure what's been going on in the rest of the world, but it's been crazy beautiful out in D.C. Cool, sunny, breezy and dry. Highs in the low 70s. This past weekend, you couldn't find a park here without a drum circle or picnic.


It's also the kind of weather that brings down every car window as people cruise the streets, jamming to their own personal soundtrack. I should have Shazammed whatever the guy in the black Hyundai was listening to on K Street on my way into work this morning. It was pretty awful. But it was big and loud and, no doubt for him it just said "Hell yeah!"

As long as the forecast holds, it looks like this weather is going to last the rest of the week, which means a lot of window-down music pouring into the streets. A lot of people will tell you the best song for such occasions is something like "Bootylicious" or "Viva La Vida." But for me it will forever and always be this bad boy, cranked to 11:

Don't judge me! Or do judge me but understand that I refuse to apologize.

Tell us what your windows-down jam is in the comments section, or via Twitter @allsongs. We'll make a playlist of some of the best picks for this Friday.