Puzzler: Name That Drum Fill : All Songs Considered Hear a series of drum fills and match them to the song in our weekly puzzler. This week: classic windows-down summertime radio rock.
NPR logo Drum Fill Friday, For May 30

Drum Fill Friday, For May 30

Drummer Topper Headon, seen overhead, with the rest of The Clash, at the band's first U.S. performance, in 1979. Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS hide caption

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Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS

The warmer weather brings out the air-drummer in me, which means I'm remembering and rediscovering some of my favorite fills, including the ones in this week's puzzler. I think most of these will sound familiar to anyone who's had commercial FM rock blasting with the windows down. So turn it up, pay attention, and good luck!

As always, if you have a drummer or a fill you'd like to see featured in these weekly puzzlers, let us know in the comments section or via Twitter @allsongs, #drumfillfriday.