New Mix: Damien Rice (Premiere), Leonard Cohen, Caroline Rose, Afternoons : All Songs Considered On this week's show, we premiere a thoughtful song from Damien Rice, a track from Leonard Cohen's highly anticipated new album, music from recent discovery Caroline Rose and more.

New Mix: Damien Rice (Premiere), Leonard Cohen, Caroline Rose, Afternoons

New Mix: Damien Rice (Premiere), Leonard Cohen, Caroline Rose, Afternoons

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Courtesy of the artist

Do you find yourself saying "no" more often than not? Robin Hilton does, which is why he kicks off this week's All Songs Considered with L.A.-based Afternoons' joyful sing-along, "Say Yes."

Next, Bob Boilen recaps his recent trip to the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, discussing some exciting new discoveries and selecting a rockabilly-tinged tune from Caroline Rose called "Blood on Your Bootheels." A nod to "These Boots Were Made For Walkin,'" perhaps?

Robin continues with a quieter song from Damien Rice, whose new album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, is set to be released Nov. 11. On a similar note, Bob selects a brooding number from Leonard Cohen's new album, Popular Problems, which was released just days after Cohen's 80th birthday.

Joined in the studio by editor Lars Gotrich, the hosts introduce the noisy title track from Maryland-based Two Inch Astronaut's upcoming album, Foulbrood. After falling into a daze of '90s nostalgia, Robin closes the show with a track from shoegazey noise pop band Medicine, whose new album, Home Everywhere, comes out Oct. 28.

Songs Featured On This Episode

  • Afternoons

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    "Say Yes"

    From 'Say Yes'

    By Afternoons

    Afternoons has a knack for writing joyful, sprawling songs that are impossible not to sing along to. The group's upcoming album, Say Yes, is out Oct. 21 on Eenie Meenie. For more on this song, visit the artist's website.

  • Caroline Rose

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    "Blood On Your Bootheels"

    From 'I Will Not Be Afraid'

    By Caroline Rose

    Bob Boilen discovered Caroline Rose during his recent trip to Nashville and was immediately impressed. The 24-year-old songwriter has her roots in country and gospel music. Rose shows off her bright, agile voice on the catchy, rockabilly-tinged tune "Blood On Your Bootheels." For more on this song, visit the artist's website.

  • Damien Rice

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    "I Don't Want To Change You"

    From 'My Favourite Faded Fantasy'

    By Damien Rice

    Damien Rice's new single is one of the quieter tracks on his upcoming album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy. In "I Don't Want To Change You," suspended strings create a theatrical atmosphere, while Rice reminds us of his distinctive talent for lyrical storytelling. For more on this album, visit the artist's website.

  • Leonard Cohen

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    From 'Popular Problems'

    By Leonard Cohen

    In the span of his 47 year career, Leonard Cohen has released a modest 13 studio albums. On Popular Problems — released just days after his 80th birthday — Cohen explores familiar themes of love and passion, but does so with a more acute playfulness than ever before. On the album's opening track, "Slow," Cohen's characteristically erotic lyrics are punctuated by awareness of his aging, as he insists "It's not because I'm old/ It's not the life I led/ I always liked it slow." For more on this song, visit the artist's website.

  • Two Inch Astronaut

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    From 'Foulbrood'

    By Two Inch Astronaut

    Two Inch Astronaut's upcoming album, Foulbrood, marks a point of maturation in the band's lengthy career. The album's explosive title track mines the '90s for inspiration, and is notably reminiscent of the Dismemberment Plan's earlier music. For more on this song, visit the artist's website.

  • Medicine

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    "Move Along — Down The Road"

    From 'Home Everywhere'

    By Medicine

    Members of shoegaze band Medicine have often described themselves as "lifer music weirdos." On the group's new track, "Move Along — Down The Road," dissonant vocals are buried beneath intricate layers of fuzzy guitar, invoking My Bloody Valentine's Loveless.