Viking's Choice: Blacklisted, 'Burnt Palms' : All Songs Considered Melodic experimentation lies beneath this major rager from the hardcore band.

Viking's Choice: Blacklisted, 'Burnt Palms'

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Courtesy of the artist

It's been six years since Blacklisted's No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me, a gritty hardcore record that outwardly plays with melody, noise and lunging tempos that felt truer to Soundgarden or Nirvana's Bleach than anything else. Now comes When People Grow, People Go, a record that leans more on the band's straight-ahead hardcore fury, but with experimentation lurking beneath the surface. Here's one of the album's major ragers, "Burnt Palms."

One thing that hasn't changed is vocalist George Hirsch's lyrical flagellation, which starts within and whips anything he touches. With buzzsaw guitars and a chorus that swaggers and stumbles, "Burnt Palms" calls out the anger that bottles itself up until it removes you from everyone you love.

When People Grow, People Go comes out Feb. 10 on Deathwish Inc.