What Is Your Ideal Romantic Song? : All Songs Considered What qualities do romantic songs share? Does our idea of the perfect romantic song change over time? We want to find out. Share the music that puts you in the mood.
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What Is Your Ideal Romantic Song?

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NPR Music's Stephen Thompson (left) and Bob Boilen, heartstrings aflutter.
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Is there a single song that sounds like romance to you? My mom might pick Sinatra singing "Fly Me To The Moon." For someone growing up in the '50s it might be "I Only Have Eyes For You" sung by The Flamingos. In the '60s it might have been The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows." These days, for some, it might be Beyoncé singing "Countdown."

The answer to this question is probably different for every person who answers, but I'm curious whether your age or gender has an effect on what you think is musically romantic.

So ... fill in the blanks: Tell us what song and/or artist makes YOUR most romantic music, the kind of song that puts you in the mood or the tune that runs through your head while you pine for a distant lover. (People still pine, right?)

We'll sift through your answers and tell you what we find.