What Song Makes You Cry Every Time? : All Songs Considered Tell us about the songs that crush you no matter how many times you hear them.
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What Song Makes You Cry Every Time?

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This week Bob Boilen and I and a handful of other people from NPR Music got to see Sufjan Stevens in concert. It was a life-changing performance — one we'll all remember for many years. Stevens played most of his latest album Carrie & Lowell, a truly heartbreaking collection of songs about childhood abandonment, his mother's madness and death, and his regret and the struggle to find happiness after a lifetime of pain. Many in the audience found it impossible to hold back their tears.

With the show continuing to resonate with us this week, Bob and I decided it was time to revisit a favorite topic of ours: Songs That Make You Cry. We last ventured into this weepy world of music in 2011 when we invited listeners to tell us all about the songs that set off the waterworks for them. We got thousands of submissions and stories, many of them heartbreaking, others so beautiful and touching we couldn't help but shed some tears ourselves.

So here we go again. Using the form below, tell us about the song that makes you cry every time you hear it. We love a good story, so bonus points if you tell us why. We'll use some of the songs and stories in an upcoming episode of All Songs Considered.

You can also record and upload your story to our Soundcloud page. We may use some of the audio we get in our upcoming show.