Song Premiere: Soren Bryce, 'Sirens' : All Songs Considered The young singer-songwriter uses unique turns of phrase and idiosyncratic cadences to make sharp, winning folk-pop.

Song Premiere: Soren Bryce, 'Sirens'

Kristen Burns/Courtesy of the artist
Soren Bryce.
Kristen Burns/Courtesy of the artist

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Song Premiere: Soren Bryce, 'Sirens'

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Singer-songwriter Soren Bryce sounds like the type who has more ideas than there are minutes in a day. It's a particular kind of creative person: A novelist who wakes up with words ready to pour out, a painter who sketches compulsively on any available surface, a songwriter who rises in the middle of the night to capture a somnial melody. Bryce, who at 18 has taught herself six instruments and was classically trained on two others, seems to have the gene.

Yet her prodigious ease with instruments isn't the only hint at a remarkably productive mind. "Sirens," the lead single from her debut EP, showcases Bryce's complex, abstract and borderline stream-of-conscience lyrical style, and an ear for idiosyncratic cadence. Listen to the way she tucks the world "pull" in between beats in the middle of every chorus. It's disarming without being disorienting, unexpected without being startling.

"Sirens" is full of many things: experimental folk-pop sounds, strange and poetic lyrics and a young, assured vocal. But more than anything, it's full of good ideas. If her music continues to be this invention-rich, this new EP could be the harbinger of extraordinary creativity to come.

Soren Bryce's self-titled debut EP is out August 28 on Washington Square.