Song Premiere: Tunde Olaniran, "KYBM" : All Songs Considered A Michigan activist and rapper/singer dedicates a frenetic dance anthem to social justice workers in Detroit.

Song Premiere: Tunde Olaniran, "KYBM"

Tim Jagielo/Courtesy of the artist
Tunde Olaniran.
Tim Jagielo/Courtesy of the artist

In the best way possible, "KYBM" doesn't let its listeners get comfortable — which is apt for a song inspired by social justice activists who spend their time and resources combating complacency.

Singer and rapper Tunde Olaniran works for Planned Parenthood, and is an active supporter of the LGBT pride scene around Detroit and his home base of Flint, Mich. The non-musical side of his resumé hints at the hard and unpredictable work of taking on social issues, so it's no surprise that his music reveals a restless spirit and seemingly bottomless supply of energy.

According to Olaniran, "KYBM," which stands for "Keep Your Body Moving," is dedicated to the social justice community in Detroit, working to better lives in and around the notoriously troubled city. Olaniran's voice swoops from falsetto to exaggeratedly, artificially lowered echoes in the span of two words, over a brassy synth line and a drum machine like a jumping heartbeat. This is a dance anthem that won't quit, dedicated to friends and colleagues living by the same principle.

Tunde Olaniran's album Transgressor is out Aug. 7 on Quite Scientific Records.