Drum Fill Friday Returns, For July 24 : All Songs Considered Our recurring puzzler for careful listeners is back with a new set of drum fills. See how many you can match to the right song.
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Drum Fill Friday Returns, For July 24

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Well, Drum Fill Friday is back after a two-month break, during which I changed an unimaginable number of diapers (on paternity leave) and spent many sleepless nights staring wide-eyed into the middle distance while holding a screaming baby. But in those rare quiet moments, when I was able to put on some tunes, I was busy taking notes with my brain pen whenever I heard a jammin' drum fill.

This week, Drum Fill Friday returns with a sampling of some of those fills I heard. I'd give it two out of five stars for difficulty, so you shouldn't have too much trouble matching these to the right song. Good luck, careful listeners, and as always, if you have a drummer or a fill you'd like to see featured in these weekly puzzlers, let us know in the comments section or via Twitter @allsongs, #drumfillfriday.