Martin Atkins Minute: Your Demo, My Curse : All Songs Considered One-time drummer of Public Image Ltd. shares a hilarious tale of how a musician tried to get his demo tape heard.

The Martin Atkins Minute: Blackberry Jam Scam

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Martin Atkins

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Are you a musician looking to be heard? If so — or even if you're not — give a listen to the first segment of a new series we're calling The Martin Atkins Minute.

I knew Martin Atkins as a fabulous drummer — for his work with Public Image Ltd., among other bands — but I didn't know he was also a damn funny guy. At a music conference in Denver last year, Atkins gave a hilarious, poignant talk about his life in the music industry, and shared stories from his book, Welcome To The Music Business. You're F*****! Immediately after, I asked him if he'd like to do something with All Songs Considered.

So Martin gathered his students at the SAE Institute, an audio engineering school in Chicago (they let this guy run a program on the music business), and together they produced this lovable tale on one creative way that musicians can get their music heard.

Credits for Blackberry Jam Scam: Vocal recorded by Adam Yoffe at NPR Chicago. Foley effects created by Gabriel Labrador. The audio class faculty at SAE Chicago is Brad Pack.