Meet The Animals Of The Tiny Desk Contest : All Songs Considered This year, more artists submitted Tiny Desk Contest videos than ever before — and those videos were filled with furry friends. Watch the supercut, then vote for your favorite pup.

Meet The Animals Of The Tiny Desk Contest

We made a supercut of some of the many animals we saw in this year's Tiny Desk Contest videos.


Every year, several themes emerge in the videos submitted to the Tiny Desk Contest. There are the obvious, important ones: the vast amount of undiscovered talent in this country, the inventiveness with which you bring desks into your music and the clear joy that coming together around music brings us all.

And then there are the animals. In this Contest, we've seen them in spades. So, we thought we'd honor them in a little supercut of some of our favorites. Watch the video above!

Meanwhile, in other Tiny Desk Contest animal news, we're glad to announce this week's theme for our just-for-fun, fan-favorite vote: Pups Of The Tiny Desk Contest! This vote is separate from the Contest judging process, but it's another way for you to enjoy some of the many great videos we received while we work on choosing the overall Contest winner.

Read up on the nominees below, then head over to the Tiny Desk Contest site to cast a vote for your favorite dog of the Contest.

Pups Of The Tiny Desk Contest

  • Brody

    There's a cosmic, wandering sound to Jacob Cole & Mark Woodyatt, Handpan & Violin's "BOWIE" that befits its namesake. The Pennsylvania duo is clearly extremely well-practiced — a fact visible both from their flawless performance and their dog Brody's total lack of surprise at the strange sounds enveloping him. Of Brody, Cole writes:

    "His name is Brody, he's a golden retriever mixed with labrador. He is turning 13 on March 22! He loves being in my Handpan videos! He also really loves hanging his head out the window in the car, and swimming! He is my best friend!"

  • Sunny

    Sunny, the dog DJ behind Luminosalix's "Rise Again," keeps a watchful eye over her owner's beats in this EDM Tiny Desk Contest video. The Texan DJ has the classic audio-technica headphones and a good sense of rhythm. Her owner writes:

    "Sunny is a 12-year-old herding work dog. Forced to move to the big city with her adopted family, she has adapted to her new life by turning to producing EDM music.

    Sunny is a big fan of EDM and orchestral music. She likes to hang out under the tiny desk while the music is being composed. When interviewed regarding her newfound internet fame, she says she was just in the right place at the right time, under the tiny desk."

  • Papo

    The intimacy of Detroit ensemble ONEFREQ's seductive, bedroom-R&B sound is perhaps complicated by Papo the Pomeranian's presence. After scratching himself for a while, the dog fixates on an odd treat: an apple core. Of apple core and dog, the band writes:

    "Papo the Pomeranian hasn't always had the easy life of lounging around being serenaded by ONEFREQ. As a young pup he broke his thigh bone and developed a nearly fatal auto-immune disorder during the recovery process.

    As a result of his medical issues he is now on a strict diet — however, one of the only treats he is can have is the occasional lick of an apple core. Look closely — during the filming of ONEFREQ's Tiny Desk video, Papo was kept calm by chewing on an apple! Thankfully, now days Papo is healthy, happy and ONEFREQ's biggest fan!"

  • Holden "Bubbie" Champagne

    The Oregon group Brothers and the Beat has a propulsive, folksy sound that clearly compels the adorable St. Bernard Holden "Bubbie" Champagne. Repeatedly, the dog tries to rise during the song, only to be lovingly restrained. Of the pup, the band writes:

    "Despite his last name, he can't stand booze. He's an old man at 9.55 years old, but is a perpetual goofy 2-year-old toddler. He's a dog's dog ... a solid, well-rounded, heavy-set hound, with a loving heart and a good head on his shoulders ... Holden loves music. He will come sit next to you and smile if you start playing something, anything. He's a pretty special pup. This particular video had a few takes before the final cut was reached because he likes to get up close and personal while you play. Walk around. Shake it off. Feeeeeeeelllll the music."

  • Jiggs

    The California band Hendricks Oak has a hopeful, folk-country sound so infectious that even their dog has to sing along. The band sent a note in about Jiggs:

    "The dog is Jiggs. The good boy is 9 years, 90lbs, and happiest when he's sitting on someone's lap. ... He didn't start singing with us until just a year or so ago. We were a drink or two in, celebrating a friend's birthday, and were around a fire, giving the ole moon a howl. As we stopped we looked over and Jiggs had his head rocked back howling along with the pack. He's been howling with us ever since."

  • Juneau, Willa & Nica

    The Georgia band A Stranger And A Friend has a dark, folksy sound. Its ominous song "City On Fire" features three dogs, two of whom are vigorously licking bones. Arguably, these dogs had one of the happiest experiences of Tiny Desk Contest filming. The band writes:

    "We used peanut butter on deer antlers to keep them in place to begin with and then assumed chaos would ensue. This was our fourth or fifth take and they had figured out that they could keep getting more PB if they behaved. Willa was particularly distraught that the shoot was over."